Burnishing / Deburring / Pre-Plate Finishing

A complete line of general and specialty mass finishing products for deburring, edge radius and pre-electroplate surfaces of metal parts by mass finishing methods with or without the use of finishing medias.


Metal Burnishing Products


Variety of burnishing products to produce bright, clean and lustrous metal surfaces for use in open/closed tumbling, part-on-part and vibratory finishing processes utilizing all types of burnishing medias, such as porcelain, polishing ceramic and carbon/stainless steel medias.





                                         Metal Deburring Products


                                                   Efficient and economical products for use in vibratory, centrifugal disc finishing,

                                                   open/closed tumbling equipment using all types of deburring medias, including loose                                                                       abrasive, pre-form plastic and ceramic tumbling medias as well as part-on-part finishing.







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